About The Urban Mama

  • Almaviva Landjanun
    Almaviva Landjanun

    She loves creating stuff, more because she's kinda cheap mama, than just creative. Likes to carry mineral water and children's book enthusiast. She lives in Bandung with her husband, Ing Landjanun and their silly girl who has big sparkling eyes, Artanya Rinjani.

  • Enji Magetsari
    Enji Magetsari

    A working mom, originally from Bandung. She lives in Singapore with food critics son Mahavyr and husband Arrizky Magetsari.

  • Febi Purnamasari
    Febi Purnamasari

    A new mother of two who loves sharing whatever she has learned from seminars and books especially related to parenting issues. She’s now developing her career path as journalist for a national television. Belly-dancing is her hidden obsession.

  • Fenny Masudah
    Fenny Masudah

    She is a full time stay-a-home mom who loves cooking Indonesian food, fashion, and making activities and DIY toys for her little daughter Alika. She is blessed to have a supportive husband Ramanda. Currently live in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Imelda Sutarno
    Imelda Sutarno

    A working mom with two gorgeous krucils. Suddenly love the outdoor recreations as an impact of married with her scuba diver husband, Bambang. Take the kids from beach to the hill, from forest to the waterfall, will always give her (and her husband) joy and enthusiastic. Cooking isn’t her middle name but always trying to give her family the best food that she can. Now she lives in Jakarta.

  • Jihan Davincka
    Jihan Davincka

    Simply a mom of 2, Nabil and Narda. 100% Buginese. Since 2009, living abroad along with her husband. Having many tremendous experiences from Tehran (Iran), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and now in Athlone (Ireland).

  • Marsha Maria
    Marsha Maria

    An interior designer who works at home. She loves fashion and enjoy styling her baby girl and lives in Jakarta.

  • Veronica Sri Utami
    Veronica Sri Utami

    Always love the journey of being mother, she is a fulltime mother – for Lintang and Sekar - and parttimer of everything, from "tukang ojeg"-nya Lintang, writer to lecturer. Already have two books being published until now, “We are Good Mothers”, (Galang Press, 2010) and “Recharge Your Life”, (Grasindo 2016), and (hope) still more to come.

  • Woro Pradono
    Woro Pradono

    Was a blogger, now sharing her fun family life through instragram pictures (@wortje). Currently live in Singapore with her dearest Husband, Andri Pradono and their dearest Son, Zlatan A. Pradono. Loves running, and always in search for a great coffee.