About The Urban Mama

  • ninit
    Ninit Yunita – Co-founder

    A full-time mom, with plenty of side jobs (writer, enterpreneur to name a few). She lives in Jakarta with her two boys, Aldebaran and Arzachel, and husband, Adhitya Mulya.

  • udhien
    Mohammad Syafiuddin (udhien) – Chief Technology Officer

    A web architech specialist and mobile application developer with over 17 years experiences in web media application. Udhien currently lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • mamadino
    Angie Renata W. – Graphic Designer

    A dreamer who find herself among the love of her husband Yudi Andhika and her only son Alfan Hanif. Previously work as copywriter/teacher, she now settled as full-time mom with number of freelance jobs instead. She writes storybook in her spare time and is currently lives in Bandung, West Java.

  • cindy
    Cindy Vania – Forum Moderator

    A work-at-home mom for Fofo, Herbie, and Maghma. Loves running and reading. Currently lives in Klaten - Central Java.

  • Dieta Hadi
    Dieta Hadi – Forum Moderator

    The Hadi's copilot, with two adorable angel passengers, Mikail and Jibril. She runs a daycare center in Bogor and socially active with early childhood education. Live in same roof with her beloved husband, Age Hadi.

  • ipeh
    Honey Josep – Forum Moderator

    A full-time employed mom and Chief Happiness Officer to the Joseps. She lives in Jakarta with her two young man , Darren and Dre, and husband Rico Josep.

  • ipeh
    Musdalifa Anas (Ipeh) – Business Development Manager

    A proud full time mom of 2 girls under 10 who loves to run and swim. Living in Bogor

  • rainiw
    Retno Aini – Editor

    A mom of Alma, wife to Ibrahim. Formerly worked as a junior highschool teacher, now settled as a fulltime mamarazzi and head of household purchasing department :)

  • thalia
    Thalia Kamarga - Inactive Co-Founder

    A work-at-home mom to a daughter, Aina Cempaka. She runs a design studio firm based in Singapore with husband, Ari Widjanarko.

  • sLesTa
    Shinta Lestari (sLesTa) - Inactive Co-Founder

    A full-time employed mom of Naia and Neishia, and a wife to Ario Kusumo. She juggles her role as a mom and an employee of the top financial institution in the world, based in Singapore.